The Power of a First Impression

I’ve hesitated to share this story because this is not to highlight my involvement in how this played out but it’s just too good and impactful not to share.  I talk quite a bit about first impressions and how much impact one can make. I am also very quick to admit that for a [...]

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Don’t Take It Personally, Learn From It Instead

It's been a while since I have sat down and written a full blog. I use my social media to write most all of my insight and thoughts about college recruiting, junior golf, playing competitively, player development, and just life in general. But I had a topic that I thought served a little more [...]

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Debunking the Belief about Girls Golf Scholarships

Written by: Brandi Jackson Ok, so it's one of the most popular beliefs in the college recruiting world, especially when it comes to women's golf scholarships. We have all seen the article floating around that there are hundreds of women's golf scholarships that go unused every year and there is so much money [...]

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Tried Out Competitive Golf Again

For those who may follow my social media (@bjacksongolf) you probably saw that I decided to play some competitive golf again for the first time in almost 8 years. My last full season was in 2009 where I played 11 LPGA Tour events that year and the rest on the Symetra Tour, then I [...]

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Get Ready To Be A College Athlete

It’s almost that time, time to enter one of the biggest, if not THE biggest transition of your life - Being a college athlete! In case you haven’t heard, you are getting ready to embark on the 4 best years of your life. You are going to meet and make so many friends from [...]

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Webinar: Take Your Game to the Next Level

“The webinar was wonderful…. you articulated everything very well on all levels, whether golfing or with life’s principles, values, and leadership.”  Carolyn Whitmer I had the privilege of joining Jim Hackenberg, founder of Orange Whip Golf, on a recent webinar to discuss how to “Take Your Game to the Next Level. While I only work with [...]

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What do I Need to Know About the NLI?

  As we wrap up the NLI Early Signing Period, I wanted to share some insight on FAQs about signing an NLI. What is the NLI? The NLI (National Letter of Intent) is an agreement signed by the student-athlete, parent or guardian and the institution that states the student athlete’s commitment to attend the institution for one [...]

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Don't Panic but Be Proactive

“Just wanted to let you know that for 2020 we have one verbal commitment and another offer out.  Assuming that gets accepted we would only have walk-on opportunities available for 2020.” – Top 25 Ranked DI Women’s Golf Program In consulting my 2020 recruits, I have received several responses like this from coaches who are [...]

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Q and A with UNCG Coach Janell Howland

Not only is UNCG Head Coach Janell Howland an awesome coach but she also happens to be a dear friend who I admire and respect greatly. I recently asked her to answer a few questions about her recruiting and coaching philosophy.   What is your own coaching philosophy?  People first, Students second, Golfers third.  Everything we [...]

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