September 1st of Junior Year

Happy Sept 1!!! September 1st of Junior year is a very important date in the recruiting process, although, it's not as big of a deal as it was in the past because many players are getting ahead of the process and initiating contact with the coaches prior to that date. If you are being proactive, [...]

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Build Your Resume Tips

Building a quality resume is one of the most important steps in the college recruiting process. While your game will speak for itself out on the course, your resume will be the first insight a coach has into you as an all-around person. Having an online resume that contains all of the necessary information is [...]

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What I Would Tell My 17 Year Old Self

1998 US Junior Girls at Merion Golf Club, Ardmore, PA This blog is a bit of a special one because I am celebrating my 34th birthday today. While 34 isn’t really a big milestone birthday it did make me stop and think back to what I was doing halfway through my life when [...]

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Support Your Daughter Without Pushing Too Hard

The article is from an upcoming series in "Recruit PKB: Recruiting Process"  the covers a parent's role in the different aspects of the college recruiting process. The first topic addressed is one that I get asked very often from parents who are concerned with pushing their daughter too hard, but who also know their daughter [...]

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Always Be Honest with the Coaches

With the early signing period taking place last week, I wanted to address some comments that I have received from coaches over the past couple of weeks. If there is one thing I can’t emphasize enough it is that coaches talk to each other. Many of the coaches have known each other since we all [...]

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Time Management: Prepare Now

Prepare now for college life. You will have to manage classes, workouts, practice, meetings, laundry, social activities, studying and traveling. And you won’t have parents there to help keep you on track. You will be responsible for yourself. You won't have someone to wake you up in the mornings, remind you to do your homework, [...]

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Beautiful Day for Golf!

Here is information for this test post. I've uploaded a raw image so you can see how easy it is for photos to be automatically sized. Let's see how it looks.

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