“Brandi was invaluable from our first meeting: helping define expectations, keeping things grounded, explaining the process and suggesting options.” – Glen Reid

There is a lot of information out there and many times it can be misleading or misunderstood unless it is specific and individualized to you. Throughout this process, you will hear a lot of advice from many different resources, and while it may be coming from a good place it may not be the right advice for you.

These options provide 3 initial ways to help you start the process based on your own goals, expectations, abilities, and preferences.

Comprehensive Consultation

  • Comprehensive meeting* to discuss expectations of the process, provide an assessment of resume, advise on finding the right fit, and create a strategy to tackle the process most successfully
  • Follow-up report

Player Development Eval

  • On course 9 hole player development evaluation with warm-up, post round drills, complete game assessment of all skills, player development analysis, and follow up discussion
  • Follow-up report

College Recruiting Eval

  • Comprehensive Consultation
  • Player Development Eval
  • College recruiting video filmed and edited
  • GRA Online Course

*Virtual meeting to be conducted via video chat

** Player development eval and college recruiting eval to be conducted in Greenville, SC or at client’s home course (travel expenses for necessary gas, flight, hotel, food, and travel time to be covered by client)