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Are you a junior golfer or parent looking for an online program that will provide the information and guidance to navigate this process on your own? Are you an instructor or coach who has junior golfers looking for a way to find the answers on how to navigate the recruiting process?

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With a vast network and strong knowledge for the college recruiting process, Brandi Jackson helped our daughter navigate her way through the complicated and sometimes brutal journey.

Brandi is very down to earth, realistic and many coaches mentioned that Brandi adds legitimacy to the resume. Brandi was not only a coach for college recruiting but also a coach for the special game of golf and life for our daughter.

Tommy Pipatjarasgit, Father of Pinya, Brown University commit


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Conference Champions

Over the last few weeks, across the country, teams and individuals battled it out for the title of Conference Champion. Below are the teams, their average score, and the yardage they played from - keep in mind conditions such as wind, cold, elevation and location were all different. Click on each image to enlarge.  

Take the Initiative and Call Coaches

Maybe you have sent out some intro emails but you haven't gotten any responses, or maybe you have been communicating with some coaches through email but don't feel like you are getting anywhere? The next step you must be willing to tackle is to pick up the phone and call the coaches. It is very easy to sit behind a computer and send emails, [...]

College Golf Practice

I have re-posted almost every blog that Coach Sutherland from SMU has written because the information is so insightful and valuable for junior golf families. I was honored to have her complete an interview for me last year as part of my partnership with the PKB Girls Tour which you can find Part 1 and Part 2. But this week she shared some details about the team’s [...]

Utilizing Social Media in College Recruiting

Social media can be a very useful tool to utilize during the recruiting process but it can also be a way to cost you opportunities if you don't use it wisely. While there are rules on the coach's end for connecting with recruits through social media, they can still do their homework to investigate what you are posting about, what your friends are posting [...]

Learn to Be Creative

Almost every camp that I host I include a session that requires the girls to tap into their creative side. Many times the girls think I am crazy for the ideas I come up with but it’s always fun to see how each player approaches the activity. You may not realize how important it is to be creative as a golfer but it is [...]

Set Your Goals for 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, it's the perfect time to set your goals for 2016. But by "goals", I don't just mean your New Year's resolutions stating that you want to do something better next year, I am talking about very specific process goals. Yes, you need big picture outcome goals such as scoring milestones, tournament finishes, your dream university, etc to keep [...]

Questions to Ask Yourself

As a player gets closer to making their final college decision they will find themselves asking many questions to help determine the best fit. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in the glitz and glamour that you are shown on your campus visit. A coach's job is to "woo" you and show you how great your experience will be if you choose their [...]

Eyeline Golf Products

These are a few of my favorite things.... While I don't teach any swing instruction, I do like to get great tools into the hands of players to help them practice with more efficiency and purpose, especially on their short game. I was introduced to the Eyeline products in college and continue to use many of them in my coaching sessions or loan them [...]

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