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Are you a female golfer looking for personal attention throughout the college recruiting process? Do you need a partner in this process to help ensure you do what is needed and necessary in order to achieve your goal of playing college golf?

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Are you a junior golfer or parent looking for an online program that will provide the information and guidance to navigate this process on your own? Are you an instructor or coach who has junior golfers looking for a way to find the answers on how to navigate the recruiting process?

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With a vast network and strong knowledge for the college recruiting process, Brandi Jackson helped our daughter navigate her way through the complicated and sometimes brutal journey.

Brandi is very down to earth, realistic and many coaches mentioned that Brandi adds legitimacy to the resume. Brandi was not only a coach for college recruiting but also a coach for the special game of golf and life for our daughter.

Tommy Pipatjarasgit, Father of Pinya, Brown University commit


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Eyeline Golf Products

These are a few of my favorite things.... While I don't teach any swing instruction, I do like to get great tools into the hands of players to help them practice with more efficiency and purpose, especially on their short game. I was introduced to the Eyeline products in college and continue to use many of them in my coaching sessions or loan them [...]

What College Golf Will Teach You About Life

This past week was a milestone in the lives of many young golfers all over the world. If you follow any junior golf tour or organization, I am sure you saw the flood of pictures as junior golfers set behind the table, with their families and coaches surrounding them, displaying their future university mascot and colors, as they signed their National Letter of Intent [...]

Happy Thanksgiving Contest

What are You Thankful for this Thanksgiving? To show my gratitude and excitement for the holiday season, this week I will give away a $25 Fandango Gift Card to go see your favorite movie. All you have to do is post in the comment section below what you are most grateful for this Thanksgiving. One winner will be randomly chosen on Friday, November 27th. [...]

Being Thankful and Gracious

"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation". - Brian Tracy Being thankful and gracious are two topics that I catch myself emphasizing over and over again in my articles, evaluations and seminars but it simply can not be said [...]

Recruiting Video

    Recruiting videos are a very important part of your resume. While golf tends to be more objective in regards to tournament results, a recruiting video will give a coach an idea of your swing and short game fundamentals. Many times a coach may not be able to get out and watch you play before he or she can decide if you are [...]

National Letter of Intent

https://youtu.be/zXcZeknDdQ0   Signing the NLI (National Letter of Intent) is a big step in the recruiting process. There are a few things you need to be aware of before you sign your NLI. Keep in mind the NLI is an agreement between the student athlete and the institution, not with the coach. So if a coach leaves you are still obligated to attend [...]

Before You Take a Visit

Making a good first impression while on a college visit is extremely important. I know this can be a very nerve racking experience for many junior golfers so the more prepared are, the more you can relax and be yourself. Below are some great tips to help you prepare for your college visits. Do your research. Know some facts about the school, the coach [...]

Scheduling Visits

A very important, proactive step in the college recruiting process is to schedule unofficial visits as early as possible. The days of official visits are almost over now that recruiting starts so early. Official visits aren't allowed until first day of your senior year, if you wait until then to take visits it will be too late.  They tend to just be a formality [...]

Tips for Visits

Junior golfers need to do what they can to be proactive in the recruiting process by scheduling unofficial visits with college coaches. This can be difficult before Sept 1 of junior year because coaches can't communicate with you through phone or emails, but with a little effort and help from a swing or high school coach, hopefully you are able to set up some [...]

Utilize Your Swing and High School Coach

  Your swing and high school coach can be a great asset through the recruiting process to help you be more proactive, especially before the Sept 1 of Junior year deadline. Ask them for help in contacting a coach for you or writing a reference letter to add to your resume. Many times a high school coach may not have the time or the [...]

Parent Role in the Recruiting Process Part 2

Part 2 in the Parent Role in College Recruiting series will cover the topic of “Parent’s Role at Tournaments from a Coach’s Perspective”. This week we will cover your role at tournaments from the perspective of a college coach. Coaches are watching the parents as much as they are the recruits at tournaments. They understand how much of an influence a parent can have on their [...]

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