Always Be Honest with the Coaches


With the early signing period taking place last week, I wanted to address some comments that I have received from coaches over the past couple of weeks. If there is one thing I can’t emphasize enough it is that coaches talk to each other. Many of the coaches have known each other since we all started playing junior golf over 20 years ago and have been friends for years. I spent most of last Saturday at the PKBGT Invitational catching up with some coaches who I played against in college and professional golf. So trust me when I say that we can all talk…a lot! The college golf world can be a very small world and while the coaches are competing against each other both on the course and with recruiting, they are still going to talk among themselves. It can certainly be a cut-throat process, but for the most part the coaches have respect for one another and will be honest about the details of a particular players recruiting process. There are some exceptions on the coaches end as well, where some dishonesty takes place, so always make sure you ask the right questions.

You don’t have to tell a coach every detail about the offers you have from other schools but NEVER lie about it. It is very easy for two coaches to be out recruiting the same player and they end up discussing the details of what each family has told them and what offer they have given that player. It is a huge turnoff if one coach finds out that they were lied to about the offer presented by another coach. While recruiting has become very competitive and in many ways it is a business deal, always make sure you maintain your integrity and be honest with everyone who is involved.

There is certainly an element of negotiation that can take place before a final decision is made. A coach’s initial offer may not be the maximum they are willing to give a player but do your best to not wheel and deal too much among coaches or else you may lose out. While the financial aspect of an offer is extremely important to many families, always remember that you are looking for the best fit for the junior golfer and not necessarily the best “deal” or the most golf specific scholarship money. Coaches are much more willing to negotiate with a family who is honest with them and has the right intentions for the junior golfer.