How to Say You Aren't Interested

I’ve had this question asked several times by players over the years and again this past week it was brought up by one of my girls, “how do I tell a coach that I am not interested?”.  This may be a question you face at different stages of communication with a coach so I wanted … Read more

When a College Coach is Watching

Many of you have experienced a college coach observing your round, if you haven’t yet, hopefully, you will in the near future. For many players, it is the first time they really get those nervous jitters on the golf course. It can be tough to concentrate and focus on your game. You feel the need … Read more

A MUST Watch Video for Junior Golf Parents

During the week of October 17th, the Golf Channel hosted Junior Golf Week and they conducted an interview with Jon Gordon which really caught my attention so I wanted to share the clip along with a few of my own thoughts in regards to what he is referencing. Here is the LINK to that clip so … Read more

What You Can Learn from September 1st

Now that the excitement of September 1st has worn off a bit I want to take the time to address a few things that you can learn from the communication you received (or didn’t receive) on September 1st and how it can be a lesson for your own communication with the coaches.   Mass email … Read more

Club Golf is an Option in College

Guest Blog by Travis Richardson of NCCGA   The statistics on playing varsity golf in college aren’t exactly optimistic. According to the NCAA, only 2% of male high school golfers will play Division 1, and 3% for females. For students that don’t go to Division 1 though, there’s still plenty of options available. Division 2, … Read more

NCAA Rules and Regulations

    Knowing the NCAA rules and regulations will not only help you navigate the process better but it will also show a coach that you are serious and prepared. Keep in mind, a student-athlete can always make phone calls, send emails and take unofficial visits at any point as long as it is on … Read more

This One is for the Coaches

      A couple of years ago I wrote an article similar to this one but I felt it was time to update it after seeing even more about the life that a college coach leads on a daily basis. No, I don’t have personal experience as a college coach, but many of my … Read more

Conference Champions

Over the last few weeks, across the country, teams and individuals battled it out for the title of Conference Champion. Below are the teams, their average score, and the yardage they played from – keep in mind conditions such as wind, cold, elevation and location were all different. Click on each image to enlarge.  

What You Can Learn From Lexi

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the LPGA’s ANA Inspiration crowned it’s 2016 champion, Lydia Ko, but there are still lessons to be learned if you watched the coverage of the final round. How Lexi Thompson handled the ups and downs of losing the lead showed some character traits and qualities that can be applied … Read more

Take the Initiative and Call Coaches

Maybe you have sent out some intro emails but you haven’t gotten any responses, or maybe you have been communicating with some coaches through email but don’t feel like you are getting anywhere? The next step you must be willing to tackle is to pick up the phone and call the coaches. It is very … Read more