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IMG_8661I have re-posted almost every blog that Coach Sutherland from SMU has written because the information is so insightful and valuable for junior golf families. I was honored to have her complete an interview for me last year as part of my partnership with the PKB Girls Tour which you can find Part 1 and Part 2. But this week she shared some details about the team’s practice schedule that should give you some great ideas on how to set up your practice as well. You can check out the article HERE.

Personally, this article was very satisfying for me to read as I just started a 4-week challenge with my full-time players that included some very similar drills that Coach Sutherland uses in her practice. The girls have a specific plan of action each week, they track their results, they WRITE THEM DOWN, they work on their weaknesses, and they have something specific to focus on improving the next time. One of my girls made the comment “I loved the drills because now I have something to try and improve on this coming week”. That absolutely made my day because that is the epitome of practicing with a purpose!

I understand that it can be difficult to recreate some of the drills and scenarios that a college coach can require of the players because facilities may not be conducive, but you can be creative and work with what is available to you.

A few main things to keep in mind no matter what facilities you have available:

  • Set aside time to work on your weaknesses
  • Set a specific plan of action to your practice
  • Write down and track what you do
  • Make the drills have a goal
  • Hold yourself accountable to finish what you set out to do
  • Set a plan to improve next time around
  • Ask your coach for help with any of the above





Brandi is a College Golf Recruiting Consultant based in Greenville, SC. She played collegiate golf at Furman University, then an 8-year career as a professional golfer on the LPGA and Symetra Tours. She works to consult female golfers throughout their journey to find the right college golf fit.


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