The college recruiting process can be…

stressful and confusing for you and your parents.  Between homework, practice, tournaments, workouts, extracurricular activities and social time you probably find it difficult to focus on the college recruiting process.  You likely either feel like you are starting too late or you have spent a lot of wasted time and energy focused in the wrong direction.

Over the past 9 years, I have had the opportunity to consult junior golfers to play college golf at all division levels, including programs such as Clemson, Maryland, Louisville, UVA, Georgetown, Appalachian State, James Madison, University of Oregon, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Brown, Columbia, Gardner-Webb, UNCG, UNCW, Converse, Delaware, Birmingham Southern, Berry College, Florida Southern, UT Chattanooga, Queens, William and Mary, Washington and Lee, and many more.

Through my own playing career and now running Brandi Jackson Golf, I have also had the opportunity to develop relationships with college coaches all across the country. These relationships rely on my ability to support your initiative to take ownership of this process so that you can be in control of this process and be more prepared for the transition into college golf.

Players can be at very different stages of junior golf and the college recruiting process; therefore, the Brandi Jackson Golf  Services provide a variety of options that will fit your needs.

“As a former junior, collegiate, and professional golfer, Brandi brings experience and a wealth of knowledge. She is well respected in the industry and helps make connections with coaches easy. Our family is extremely grateful for Brandi’s personal interest in our daughter and we definitely recommend her services.”

Initial Packages

If you aren’t sure where to begin and how to navigate this process, then our Initial Package options are the perfect starting point.

These three options will provide initial direction and guidance to help you understand where you fit in this process and how you can successfully navigate this process.

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Consulting Programs

Consulting Programs are designed to provide on-going guidance for a player and her parents throughout the entire length of junior golf and the college recruiting process. 

If you are seeking a partner to guide you through the many aspects of this process, then these Consulting Programs are for you.

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Consulting Sessions

Consulting Sessions are designed to provide you the opportunity to call and ask specific questions if you are not enrolled in a Consulting Program.

If you are seeking a set time to discuss your questions as you navigate this process, then these Consulting Sessions are for you.

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When we first talked to Brandi, we were concerned, confused and totally perplexed by the whole recruiting process. The first thing Brandi told us was to trust and follow the process.  We did and at times we wondered where this was all going to end. Every frantic phone call or text, Brandi responded in a calm and reassuring way and reminded us to “trust and follow the process.” So we continued and we started to see the process working. With Brandi’s guidance, we saw our daughter grow in confidence and the corresponding transformation in her golf game was fun to watch. Thanks to Brandi and her recruiting process, our daughter received and accepted a D1 scholarship in November of her junior year. Without Brandi, we feel this would have never happened. We would highly recommend Brandi’s service to anyone who has a daughter who wants to play college golf or is just concerned with the maturation process of their daughter. Brandi’s knowledge of the recruiting process, her supportive and positive attitude, and her strong relationships with coaches is second to none. We are very grateful and thankful for Brandi!

Kendall, Rachael and Scott Turner