If you are interested in getting started with an evaluation, please fill out this College Recruiting Questionnaire

There is a lot of information out there and many times it can be misleading or misunderstood. The recruiting process is very specific to each individual player so it is extremely helpful to get started by knowing how the process matches up to your own goals, expectations, abilities, and preferences.

Getting started with an Initial Full Evaluation can help you maximize your time, resources, and energy throughout the entire recruiting process. If you prefer to start with just an Initial Consultation (via virtual video chat) then you can Click Here for that option. 


Initial Full Evaluation: $995

Aspects below are covered during the Initial Full Evaluation.

  • Observation and evaluation on the course (up to 18 holes)

  • Warm-up and post round practice time (if needed)

  • College recruiting swing and short game video filmed and edited

  • Resume and intro email review (included as follow up if not completed at time of evaluation)

  • Assessment and discussion of overall game, strengths/weaknesses, course management, work ethic, and areas of needed improvement in regards to college recruiting timeline

  • In depth consultation session, including an assessment of tournament resume, academics, on course skill level, work ethic and commitment level, along with an intro into the college recruiting process specific to a player’s goals and expectations

  • Fitness and nutrition recommendations

  • Written assessment and follow-up within two week(s) to check on progress and answer any questions

If you would like to learn more about the Premium Consulting Programs, please check out the Brandi Jackson Golf Consulting Program.

She was invaluable from our first meeting: helping define expectations, keeping things grounded, explaining the process and suggesting options.

Glen Reid, Daughter Emma Reid, playing at Converse College

Brandi’s no nonsense approach to player evaluation is outstanding

Tom Win, Daughter Lizzie Win plays at Seton Hall