Frequently Asked Questions

Recruit Caddy Online Practice Program

Can I cancel? Due to access to the content within the course, there will be a $75 cancellation fee if you choose to cancel the Golf Recruiting 101 Course within 30 days of your sign up date. Cancellations after the 30 day period will result in full forfeiture of fees paid.

You may cancel access to the Complete Player program at any point with no penalty. Same rules will apply if you are a Pro member.

What is the renewal policy? When you sign up for the Golf Recruiting 101 course, you will have access to the course for 1 year. At the end of the year, you will be have the option to retain access for $199 for another year. You will have 30 days to renew your access for the discounted rate of $199. Pro members will retain access to Golf Recruiting 101 course as they as they stay a member of the Complete Player program.

What is the difference between the 3 skill levels? Level 1 practice drills will focus more on repetition, tempo, balance and basic short game fundamentals. This will help a beginner to intermediate player develop their skills while creating a better work ethic. Level 2 practice drills will combine the elements of repetition goals with performance based goals for their drills. It will help an intermediate to advanced player continue to develop the proper fundamentals while also learning how to put their skills under pressure during their practice. Level 3 practice drills will focus mostly on performance based drills with some basic repetition drills. This will allow an advanced player to get the most out of each practice session by learning to take their practice time to the course more efficiently.                                                                                                                          Example of the difference in the drills for each level:

  • Level 1 drill: Putt 25 five foot putts with eyes closed to focus on feel and speed control. Keep track of total putts made.
  • Level 2 drill: Make 10/15 five foot putts
  • Level 3 drill: Make 15 five foot putts in a row

How do I access the other practice drill levels? You may request to gain access to another level of practice drills at anytime during the program. You will only have access to one level at a time and the change will take affect on the first day of the next month.

Are the TPI workouts different for each skill level? The TPI workouts are the same for each skill level. They are basic exercises for golfers of all skill levels to help increase their strength, flexibility and endurance.

What if I can’t complete the RecruitCaddy Assessment? If you are unable to complete the assessment just refer to the tournament scoring average chart. The assessment serves to better assess your overall short game skill level and provide a starting point for beginning your progress but it is not necessary that you take the assessment. The wedge portion of the assessment may be difficult to complete on some short game facilities. If so, just enter an estimated score and send us a note when you submit your assessment.


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