How Do You Define Confidence?

“Confidence is the knowledge that I can give my best effort regardless of circumstances” – Ben Bergeron

After hearing this definition of confidence on a podcast I listen to it got me thinking about the real meaning of confidence. I then asked all of my current players what their definition of confidence would be and the responses were interesting. I wanted to share a few of those replies:

My definition of confidence is knowing you can handle whatever the outcome is”

“My definition for confidence is being able to go through with something with little to no doubt in your self.”

“Confidence is having full belief in yourself to accomplish something without needing the help or interference of others.”

“I believe confidence is not something you tell yourself to be. It is something that you fully 100% have to believe. Confidence is not consistent. Some days or activities one might have more confidence than others. Overall it is being able to trust yourself and trust your abilities even when things are scary or anxiety filled….”

“My definition of confidence is believing in yourself and trusting muscle memory to get a job done. Self trust-and believing in ones self abilities is my definition of confidence.”

That same week, I recorded a Tap In To College Golf podcast episode with the FSU Head Women’s Coach and she gave me her thoughts on that as well, which ironically almost mirrored the one I had just heard on the other podcast. You can listen to that episode with the FSU Women’s Head Coach HERE.

But what catches my attention in Ben’s definition of confidence is the use of the word “knowledge”. Typically the words faith and belief are used when defining confidence, as you will see in the many responses I received from my players, but I think the meaning and use of the word knowledge is what defines true confidence.

According to the Merriam Webster definition of knowledge, it is “the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience”.  As opposed to the definition of belief, “something that is accepted or considered to be true or honest” and the definition of faith, “something that is believed especially with strong conviction”.  Having faith and belief in yourself are almost these vague and pending words to give you the sense and feeling of having confidence, but not actually giving you confidence, whereas “knowledge” is more of a certain and definite term.

You can say you believe in yourself and you have faith in your abilities, which are both certainly part of feeling confident, but do you really “know” that you can “give your best effort regardless of circumstances.”. To me, that means you KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have prepared in every way possible for what you are about to encounter.

You don’t wait until your warm-up to see how you hit the ball

You don’t wait until a few holes in and then determine if you feel confident or not.

You aren’t nervous about the conditions.

You aren’t intimitated by the rest of the field.

You don’t wory about the outcome.

You don’t question it.

You don’t consider it.

You SHOW up and you KNOW that you are prepared and ready for ANYTHING.

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