Judgment Index


Judgment Index

As a Pro or VIP member of RecruitCaddy you receive access to a free Judgment Index assessment ($49.99 value). It is recommended that you be 14 years of age or older to properly understand the meaning of the test contents.

The Judgment Index is a behavioral assessment that helps identify what a person’s natural tendencies are, especially in pressure situations.  It allows a person to understand how they process things and why they make the decisions they do, whether those decision are on the golf course or off the golf course.  It allows for the player to gain self-awareness, and for all members of that player’s development team to better understand the player.  When there is understanding communication improves immediately, and knowing how a a player is wired will allow for a more specific individualized development plan that eliminates trial and error to be developed.  This assessment is being used by many players, instructors, college coaches, and sports psychologists.  Parents are just as much a part of a junior golfer’s development team as any of those just mentioned, and this tool has helped many parents gain more insight into their teenager’s decision making tendencies as well.  This is a valuable tool to improve as a golfer, but it has even more value because it also looks at the whole person.

To take the free Assessment: Visit www.rcijri.com and use the log-in information below.

User ID: jmgolf

Password: jmgolf

Company: jmfirst

You must enter the same email that was used to log in to RecruitCaddy or else you will be charged $49.99 in order to receive your results. You only have access to one report with your membership. If this log-in is used more than one time you will be charged $49.99 for the report or you will not receive your results.

You can take a look at a sample report here: SampleJudgmentIndex

For additional information about the Judgment Index you may contact Dawn Woodard, President of Judgment Matters. Mention that you are a RecruitCaddy member and you will receive 20% of your consultation to discuss your results and how to apply them.

Dawn Woodard

Judgment Matters
(864) 293-1530

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