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Are you lost in the college recruiting process?

Are you asking yourself these questions?

  • How do I maximize my efforts on the college golf recruiting process?
  • When should I start the recruiting process?
  • How do I create a recruiting resume and what should it look like?
  • How do I get in touch with college coaches and schedule visits?
  • What questions should I ask a coach?
  • How can I practice more like a college player?
  • What are some golf workouts and nutrition recommendations?

You're not alone.

  • Many junior golf families find themselves confused and lost when they begin the college recruiting process. There is a lot of information available on the internet and from other junior golf families, but access to a reliable source of organized and convenient information will make tackling the process less stressful and confusing. 

  • If you want to successfully navigate the college recruiting process you must put in the work to make it happen, but with the Golf Recruiting Advantage Toolbox, the time you spend will be exceedingly more effective and productive. 

Here is your secret weapon to making the recruiting process easier...  

The Golf Recruiting Advantage 

What's Inside The Golf Recruiting Advantage:

 1. The Recruiting Process

A content-packed section that provides you with the necessary tools and resources to successfully tackle the process. This section will teach you how to build a resume, draft emails, research schools, prepare for visits, and much more. You will have access to sample emails, mock phone calls, and questions to ask coaches to help you determine the best fit!

2. Improve Your Game

While the recruiting process is the core of the Golf Recruiting Advantage, there are many other elements to playing competitive junior golf that require guidance and direction. In the Improve section, you will find numerous topics to help you better understand tournament golf, schedules, and rankings. Also, you will find an entire section dedicated to practice drills, a short game assessment, on-course recommendations, and tournament tips to help you more effectively spend time working on your game.

3. Performance Training and Nutrition

As a critical part of improvement as a junior golfer, I asked my coaches at Factory Built Performance Systems to provide a golf-specific workout for all members of the Golf Recruiting Advantage. You will receive a 4-week TPI training program, along with additional tips, videos, exercises, and insight on golf performance and nutrition.

4. Life and Personal Development

The recruiting process is not just about finding a place to play golf in college, it's also about learning skills and habits that will prepare you for the transition into college life and beyond. This section includes worksheets and tips on time management, goal setting, independence volunteering, and more.

5. Parent Section

There is even a section for parents to better understand how to communicate with the coaches, present themselves at tournaments, and support their player without pushing too hard.

One-Time Payment of $49

Meet Brandi

My name is Brandi Jackson. I am a Furman University golf alum, former LPGA Tour player, and now a college recruiting consultant for my own company, Brandi Jackson Golf. I have worked with hundreds of young players to help them achieve their goal of playing college golf so I have seen firsthand the demands of a rising junior golfer who wants to play college golf. As an individual consultant, I am limited to the number of players that I can work with as part of my one-on-one programs. So, I created the Golf Recruiting Advantage as an online module and management system to help those who need guidance to effectively tackle the college recruiting process on their own. I am excited to have you join the Golf Recruiting Advantage! 

As Featured on the Golf Channel

Highlighted during Junior Golf Week on The Golf Channel's Morning Drive Show, the Golf Recruiting Advantage program is an excellent resource for junior golf families getting ready to tackle the recruiting process. Watch the episode HERE!

Angela Garnett says...

"This is an amazing tool for her success. She is better at composing emails, questions, be ready to make phone calls etc… You can tell a lot of time and thought was put into this site and this recruiting tool…

There are enough tools and resources to help them take charge of this journey and not feel overwhelmed or misguided… It’s broken down into good segments where you can dive into one… talk about it with your child and then move on or look at another. Very concise and to the point… not overly wordy. Practical assignments with forms attached to print and use- nice that you don’t just give suggestions that the user then has to go and create in order to implement.”

Jamie Freeman says...

“You create a real nice framework of laying out the steps to be successful along with the tools and skills needed to achieve goals. You aren’t just giving “golf recruiting” tips, but tips on how to be successful in life. Getting these girls to think about things such as planning, accountability (with your goals charts), developing maturity with taking initiative in the recruiting process are all wonderful skills these girls can use in multiple areas of their lives. SO well done.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?  

Your payment of $49 gets you unlimited access to the online toolbox for as long as you need it.

How do I know it's for me?  

Do you want to have the answers to all the stages of the recruiting process at your fingertips? Then yes it's for you.  

Does my location matter?  

No, anyone can access the Golf Recruiting Advantage from anywhere. It is all 100% online.  

Do I get to interact with Brandi?  

With the "Golf Recruiting Advantage Toolbox" you do not get direct access to contact or interact with Brandi. You do however get access to all of the materials, guides, resources, tools, and information that she uses for her full-time clients.

How do I access the information?  

Golf Recruiting Advantage is 100% digital. Once you log into your membership site, all materials are available online, as well as many downloadable pdfs and videos.  

Can I cancel?  

Due to immediate access to the content there is not a cancellation or refund policy.  

Bob Schab says...

“The tables/charts to set goals for e-mailing, texting and calling will help him get organized. The pointers to data to use for researching colleges was good. Tables for charting your research progress are helpful….There are life lessons in there, not just golf info. I liked the time management and academic stuff. Explanations of all the terminology was good to have all in one place. I like the step-by-step process of how to begin the dialogue with coaches and assess interest.“  

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