Parent Role in the Recruiting Process Part 2


Part 2 in the Parent Role in College Recruiting series will cover the topic of “Parent’s Role at Tournaments from a Coach’s Perspective”. This week we will cover your role at tournaments from the perspective of a college coach. Coaches are watching the parents as much as they are the recruits at tournaments. They understand how much of an influence a parent can have on their child’s golf game and what behaviors they may have to deal with if that player comes to their university.



A few red flags that coaches are looking for with parent behavior include:

  • Hovering while the player is warming up or during post round practice
  • Taking player responsibilities away from the player 
  • Getting upset over bad shots or bad rounds
  • Walking away while other players in the group are still hitting
  • Over coaching
  • Conversing too much with your child on the golf course
  • Over-excitement

A few positive behaviors that coaches like to see:

  • Encourage the other players in the group
  • Pat your child on their back after a bad hole/bad round
  • Remain neutral throughout the round
  • Provide your child with snacks and water
  • Help them manage everything but don’t over do it and keep them from learning to do things on their own
  • Keep your distance as they warm up and practice

Below are some coach responses about what coaches are watching for with parents while they are recruiting at tournaments.

“I watch parents as much as recruits to see how they interact and treat each other. I also watch to see how involved they are going to be in everything the recruit is doing, don’t need a parent telling me how to coach their son or daughter” – Division 1 Women’s Coach
“I watch parent behavior at tournaments and pay special attention to how involved they are at a visit. A parent that reacts negatively to how their son/daughter is playing and the parent that does all the talking during an interview is not helping their child’s chances of being successful in my eyes.” – Division 1 Women’s Coach
“Their relationship is very important. If a parent is doing all the coaching, hovers all the time, that is a huge red flag to the coach.” Division 1 Men’s Coach
Just always keep in mind that you are under the radar as much as your child is while at tournaments. Some coaches will look past certain parent behaviors but some behaviors may cost your child an opportunity to play in college. College teams are very tight knit and coaches know that parent involvement may continue into their child’s college career. The coaches want to know they are getting recruits with parents who will allow them to do their job and not cause unnecessary stress on their players. Use this as an opportunity to let your child mature and take ownership of their game, if you are always there doing things for them, telling them what to do or getting upset about how they play they will struggle to transition into college golf.

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  1. What a tremendous bit of insight for parents that transcends golf. True for careers, relationships, and much more.

    The parents that pass this test have won a lot more than a coach’s approval- they likely will get to enjoy playing golf witht their kids for a lifetime.

    Thanks so much!


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