“Could not have done this without her. From the initial and very candid consult, to interview prep to how to handle an offer, Brandi is a master of the entire college golf recruiting process. She is totally accessible to the player and the parent and does what she says she will do. Her knowledge of the process is superior but her knowledge of the coaches and programs is where she truly stands out. This helps her find a program that is the right fit for the player, not just one that sounds good with the big name. Recruiting has its own language and rules and Brandi is the person to help you navigate the challenge.”

Wally Adamchik, Daughter Mogie Adamchik plays at App State

Player Program

Are you a rising junior or senior who needs to start the process but not sure how? Have you started the recruiting process but feel like you aren’t getting anywhere? Do you need someone with knowledge and experience to make sure you are making the right decisions and staying on the right track?

If so then the Player Program was designed just for YOU!

Due to recent updates from the NCAA, college coaches are no longer allowed to communicate with prospective student-athletes until June 15th prior to junior year. With this change in the rules, the recruiting process has shifted later in many ways but it has also become more competitive and time-crunched.

The Player Program was created specifically for those who are ready to start the process or already in the midst of it.

Who can be in the Player Program?

Females as of March 1st of their sophomore year will be eligible for the Player Program.

When is the Player Program offered?

The Player Program is offered any time throughout the year. You may start at any point you are ready!

How do you determine who gets accepted?

Player Program candidates are determined through an initial comprehensive consultation or evaluation. Both of these options will provide in-depth advice and direction on the recruiting process, but also will be used to determine if you, your parents, and myself are all on the same page for moving forward together.

How much does the Player Program cost?

The Player Program has 2 options, please see below (with an additional option to pay monthly if needed). If you start with the initial comprehensive consultation or college recruiting evaluation, you will receive 50% credit when you begin a Player Program within 30 days of completion of either.

What will take place in the Player Program?

The goal of the Player Program is to give you ongoing tools, resources, guidance, mentorship, accountability, connections, and insight on starting the process or picking up where you currently are in the process. You as the recruit are ultimately responsible for the completion of all steps and assignments, but the availability for assistance and guidance will be unlimited throughout the program.

Areas you will receive guidance on include, but not limited to: resume building, video creation, intro email, research and identifying best-fit options, coach communications, visits, interviews, decision-making, tournament schedule, and much more.

Player Program Includes:

  1. Unlimited access to the Golf Recruiting Advantage Online Course throughout the entire recruiting process
  2. Unlimited email, phone, video chat, and text support for all areas of the process
    • You as the player will always have unlimited communication opportunities
    • Parents may be limited on their communication if found necessary to ensure the player is being proactive and taking the initiative
  3. Unlimited coach referrals and communication
    • Coach referrals and communication on my behalf will be based on the right fit and the initiation of communication by you as the player
  4. Weekly player check-ins
    • Each week you will have the opportunity to participate in a designated drill, question, task, or assignment and report back to me on your results or answers