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“You provided all the help that any family could expect to need in a warm and friendly way.”

The recruiting process can be very overwhelming and stressful for junior golfers and their families.  Many recruits get started too late with the process, or they spend too much time and energy focused in the wrong direction.  With school, practice, tournaments, workouts and socializing, they find it difficult to keep up with the work it takes to properly navigate the college recruiting process.  Through our College Recruiting Consulting programs and packages we provide the coaching, consulting, and mentorship that families need in order to better manage the process.


We offer consulting services for two phases of the process:


Prep Recruit Services

A Prep Recruit is a player in the pre-recruiting stage (before 9th grade or still building a minimum of 2 years of non-high school tournament experience) who is seeking advice and general guidance through competitive junior golf and the early stages of college recruiting.

Also, these Prep Recruit services can provide an extra benefit to a family tackling the college recruiting process effectively on their own but who are seeking occasional expert advice and general information.

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“Brandi’s no-nonsense approach to player evaluation is outstanding”


Elite Recruit Services

An Elite Recruit is a player ready to start tackling the process full speed who is of a reasonable recruiting age (9th grade or older) and has at least 2 years of competitive junior golf, to include mostly non-high school tournaments.

Our Elite Recruit services include options to help you get started with the process, along with full consulting programs that will guide you throughout the entire recruiting process.

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“As a former junior, collegiate, and professional golfer, Brandi brings experience and a wealth of knowledge. She is well respected in the industry and helps make connections with coaches easy. Our family is extremely grateful for Brandi’s personal interest in our daughter and we definitely recommend her services.”

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