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The time has come! 


After 8 years in the college recruiting business, I have created the opportunity for you to have access to the resources, content, education, and management system that I use in consulting my Elite Recruit full-time clients.

Through my full-time programs, I have used these resources to consult players who have gone on to compete at Clemson University, James Madison, Brown University, Columbia University, UNCG, UNCW, Seton Hall, University of Louisville, Penn State, Gardner Webb, Virginia Tech, College of Charleston, the University of Oregon, Limestone, Berry, Queens and many others.

A young player’s decision on where they play college golf is one that will impact the rest of their life so I want to ensure you have the right tools and resources to give yourself the chance to find the best fit possible.

This online program provides an extensive database of information PLUS a research and coach communications management system for assisting a junior golfer in reaching their goal of playing college golf.


Recruit Caddy Online Program: 

This online program is for:

Junior golf families who plan to tackle the college recruiting process on their own but need the organization, resources, content, and answers to successfully navigate it.


This online program will help you:

RecruitCaddy is an online, database of information utilizing pdfs, worksheets, charts, online links, videos and a coach communications management system to help you efficiently and effectively navigate the college golf recruiting process.

When a family gets ready to tackle the process they are faced with many questions:

  • How do we begin?
  • What are the timelines?
  • How do we contact coaches?
  • What does a resume need to look like?
  • What do we expect on visits?

These are just a few questions that will be answered throughout the RecruitCaddy program. Navigating the process can be a difficult and daunting task, so this program is designed you help you organize, research, and locate the answers to many of your questions as you proceed through the recruiting process.


This online program includes:

  • College coach management and research system
  • Sample emails to send coaches
  • Charts to help organize your progress
  • How to create a resume and recruiting video
  • How to contact coaches and start communication
  • Questions you should ask a coach
  • Taking college visits
  • Making your final decision
  • NCAA rules and regulations
  • Scholarship information
  • Junior golf tours and tournaments
  • College coach Q and As
  • Ways to prepare for college golf
  • Time management, goal setting, building confidence exercises
  • And much more…






  • Knight Performance Factory’s Front 9 Golf Performance 4-week workout series for you to take to the gym and work on strength, flexibility, and mobility.
  • Nutrition, hydration guides and information to help you better prepare meals and snacks for pre, post and during tournament rounds.
  • Three different skill level specific practice drills to help you maximize your time at the golf course. These drills will help you better understand how to set up drills, track progress and leave each practice with a sense of accomplishment and improvement.


What people are saying about the RecruitCaddy Online Program:


“The tables/charts to set goals for e-mailing, texting and calling will help him get organized.  The pointers to data to use for researching colleges was good.  Tables for charting your research progress are helpful….There are life lessons in there, not just golf info.  I liked the time management and academic stuff.  Explanations of all the terminology was good to have all in one place.  I like the step-by-step process of how to begin the dialogue with coaches and assess interest.

 – Bob Schab, parent

“You create a real nice framework of laying out the steps to be successful along with the tools and skills needed to achieve goals. You aren’t just giving “golf recruiting” tips, but tips on how to be successful in life.  Getting these girls to think about things such as planning, accountability (with your goals charts), developing maturity with taking initiative in the recruiting process are all wonderful skills these girls can use in multiple areas of their lives. SO well done.”

 – Jamie Freedman, parent

“This is going to be an amazing tool for her success. She’ll be better able to compose emails, questions, be ready to make phone calls etc… You can tell a lot of time and thought was put into this site and this recruiting tool…There are enough tools and resources to help them take charge of this journey and not feel overwhelmed or misguided… It’s broken down into good segments where you can dive into one… talk about it with your child and then move on or look at another. Very concise and to the point… not overly wordy. Practical assignments with forms attached to print and use- nice that you don’t just give suggestions that the user then has to go and create in order to implement.”

 – Angela Garnett, parent




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