Questions to Ask Yourself

As a player gets closer to making their final college decision they will find themselves asking many questions to help determine the best fit. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in the glitz and glamour that you are shown on your campus visit. A coach’s job is to “woo” you and show you how great your experience will be if you choose their school. In many ways, college recruiting is a business, so the school and coach are going to pitch themselves to you just as a sales person would pitch their product or services. Some coaches take more of the brutally honest approach and tell you exactly what to expect, others may lead you to think it’s better than what it actually is and tell you more of what they think you want to hear.


Your job is to ask not only the coach the right questions but also ask yourself the right questions to determine if that school is the right place for you to be. Sometimes you have a gut feeling that you just know a place is right, other times you have to take the route of which school is the better option in the long term. Either way, you must always allow yourself time to let it all soak in and make a clear decision. Many times I have had players want to make a decision as soon as they get home from a visit, I always advise to take at least 48 hours to think about it (I prefer a week but many times you may not have that long to decide). If you are just as happy about your decision in 48 hours as you were when you left campus then proceed with your decision-making process. If you haven’t by that point, write out your list of likes and dislikes and rank them on what it is most important. This is a decision that will affect the rest of your life, so make sure you look past the “sales pitch” and decide if it’s the right place for you to spend the next 4 years of your life.


Here a few examples of questions you should ask yourself:

  • Can I see myself traveling with this coach and team?
  • Do I trust the coach has my best interest in mind?
  • Will I fit in with the students at the school?
  • Is the size of the school going to fit my personality?
  • Will I be able to handle the golf and academic demands?


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