Recruiting Video



Recruiting videos are a very important part of your resume. While golf tends to be more objective in regards to tournament results, a recruiting video will give a coach an idea of your swing and short game fundamentals. Many times a coach may not be able to get out and watch you play before he or she can decide if you are a potential recruit for their program. Sending a recruiting video along with your resume will provide them with an idea of your game to hopefully entice them to come out and watch you play.

When filming a recruiting video make sure you take the shots from directly in front of the player and directly down the line. The wrong angle can create a distorted view of the swing and setup. It is recommended to shoot full swing with 3 different clubs, along with some short game shots that can include pitches, chips, lobs, bunker shots and putting. Do your best to hold the camera as still as possible and minimize any excess noise.

New features on some devices allow you to do swings in slow motion so including those would be a great addition but make sure the video doesn’t get too long. Try to minimize any unnecessary time and keep the video under 3-4 minutes so that a coach will watch the whole video. You can do a short introduction at the beginning to say your name, graduation year and city/state. You may turn some coaches off with music, graphics or excess “amusement”, so to be safe keep the video simple and clean. Have the video available online at YouTube or another source. Some coaches may ask that you send one single video clip of your swing, not uploaded to YouTube so keep that available on your phone. They may want to slow the swing down themselves and pause it.

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