“Brandi stayed engaged and committed to the process and never wavered from her commitment. She always made herself available to the player and provided valued insightful suggestions along the way.

Brandi is a high-quality person, and we consider our relationship much more than a business arrangement; she will forever be our close family friend. Working with Brandi and her company is light going from the dark into the light.”

Tommy and Angela Garnett, Daughter Channing plays at UNCW

Rookie Program

Are you anxious to start the recruiting process but you are still limited to what you can do based on the NCAA rules? Do you want assistance with tournament schedules, camp opportunities, resume creation, introductory emails, and much more? Do you need someone with knowledge and experience to make sure you are making the right decisions and staying on the right track for your future goal of playing college golf?

If so then the Rookie Program was designed just for YOU!

Due to recent updates from the NCAA, college coaches are no longer allowed to communicate with prospective student-athletes until June 15th prior to junior year. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t still responsible for communication on your end and staying proactive through the process as freshmen and sophomores.

The Rookie Program was created specifically for those who are seeking the guidance to be more prepared when the process does kick-off.

When is the Rookie Program offered?

The Rookie Program is offered anytime throughout the year, join whenever you are ready!

Who can be in the Rookie Program?

Qualifying females prior to Feb 1st of sophomore year may enroll in the Rookie Program.

How do you determine who gets accepted?

Rookie Program candidates are determined through an application process to ensure you are far enough along in your junior golf development to take advantage of what the Rookie Program offers. I don’t want you to waste your money on a program that isn’t necessary yet. I would rather you spend that money and time on your junior golf development, then start the Rookie Program when it’s time.

How much does the Rookie Program cost?

There are two payment options for the Rookie Program. Please see below.

What is the goal of the Rookie Program?

The goal of the Rookie Program is to give you the tools, resources, guidance, and insight on staying ahead as you near the actual recruiting process. Given the lack of coach communication that is allowed, it is assumed that Rookie members won’t be as active as members of the Player’s Program (recruits who are post June 15th of junior year), but you will still face many questions, decisions, and opportunities that need advice and guidance.

Rookie Program Includes:

  1. Initial Rookie Consultation
    • In-depth consultation to assess the players current state in competitive junior golf and recruiting process
  2. Unlimited access to the Golf Recruiting Advantage Online Course throughout the entire recruiting process
  3. Unlimited email support for questions and advice
    • Players will have access to unlimited text communication
  4. Unlimited access to Rookie Nights
    • Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month is Rookie Night (alternate dates to be announced due to holidays or travel).
    • During Rookie Nights you can book a 15-minute time slot to discuss questions with me and/or join the live discussion at 9pm est.
  5. One additional 1 hour individual consultation each month
    • This time can also be used for resume or intro email review or best fit school recommendations instead of a phone/video chat
  6. Rookie Player updates and challenges
    • Each week players will have the opportunity to participate in a designated drill, question, task, or assignment and report back to me on their results or answers

Rookie Program access will end for players once they reach May 1st prior to their junior year. At that time you will have the option to switch to a Player Program access for the remainder of the recruiting process.

Rookie 6 Month

$9956 Month
  • Initial Rookie Consultation
  • GRA Online Course
  • Rookie Night 2x a month
  • 1 Hour of Consultation Every Month
  • Unlimited Email and Text Support

Rookie Year

  • Initial Rookie Consultation
  • GRA Online Course
  • Rookie Night 2x a month
  • 1 Hour of Consultation Every Month
  • Unlimited Email and Text Support