September 1st of Junior Year

Happy Sept 1!!!

September 1st of Junior year is a very important date in the recruiting process, although, it’s not as big of a deal as it was in the past because many players are getting ahead of the process and initiating contact with the coaches prior to that date. If you are being proactive, hopefully have already made contact with a coach before that date or had your swing or high school coach help you make contact.

But it is still the day where the DI coaches are allowed to initiate electronic communication (for DII coaches the date is June 15 before Junior year) so it’s a big deal for many players. As of August, 2014 the rule changed that now allows a coach to not only email but also to call or text directly with a student athlete, any electronic communication is allowed. Before that date a student athlete is allowed to send emails, make phone calls or take visits, but coaches can not initiate any communication directly to a student athlete. They can only send camp info and questionnaires before the Sept 1 deadline or contact your swing or high school coach (or someone like myself). Make sure you have sent them your resume and filled out any questionnaires that were sent to you or that are available online. Don’t just wait for the Sept 1 date, do the work ahead of time in order to stay proactive.


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