Performance Training

An integral part of junior golf development and college golf preparation is improving a young player’s strength, conditioning, flexibility, stability, and agility. A golfer’s body takes an immense amount of strain through the repetitive motion and impact. It is crucial, especially as a young athlete, to create a stable and strong base to help prevent injury and improve performance.

BJGolf powered by Knight Performance Factory offers remote Golf Performance Training and Coaching.

What is the difference in training and coaching?

Training Programs

These programs come ready to go from start to finished. It could be the 6-week program or the 12-week program, but the intent is to provide a program that can be done on your own schedule. Exercise demos are provided for each movement, but you don’t receive any guidance from the Knight Performance Factory staff.

This is a great option for someone who is always competing, has a tough schedule that makes it hard to commit to training at the same time on the same days. Along with the exercise video descriptions, if you have some solid performance training experience and don’t need guidance, this could be a good fit for you.

Coaching Programs

If you are new to fitness and performance training in general, you may need our coaching option. Coaching gives you access to a coach at Knight Performance Factory that will coach you on the workouts and your progress.

More importantly, the program is designed based on your needs as a player. This is done after you complete a survey and go through an assessment with Brandi and a KPF coach. Afterwards, they will collaborate to build YOUR program.

As your needs change the program evolves to help with your progress as you become a better golf athlete!

Whatever your needs are, we have a program for you!

Example Exercise:

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– Sara Stephens, KY PGA Director at Large