Prep Program

Is it still early…

but you are excited about what is to come? Are you seeking guidance to help prepare you for the upcoming process? Are you hoping to improve your player and personal development, as you compete and work towards being the best golfer and young lady you can be? Do you want to learn important skills and habits that will shape you into a better student-athlete? If so, you will be a great addition to the Prep Program team.

At Brandi Jackson Golf, we have created a program specifically for female golfers who have not yet started the 10th grade, therefore are not active with the recruiting process and are not communicating with college coaches, and should focus mostly on other areas before the process begins. 

The Prep Program will provide one-on-one consultation time, exclusive insight and content, access to the BJGolf Prep Toolbox, monthly group video chats, challenges, email support, discounted service rates, parent-only discussions, and more.

You receive all of this for $495 per 6-month period.

Exclusive Content

As a Prep Program member, you will receive more exclusive and in-depth content and activities not shared via social media or public webinars.   

BJGolf Toolbox

This toolbox is jam-packed with recruiting resources, templates, player development drills, educational videos, and professional skills exercises.

One on One Consultation

You will receive 3 hours of individual consultation time to be used during the 6 months. This will provide the opportunity to get answers and advice specific to you!

Group Video Chats

You will have access to a minimum 1x per month group video chats. Specific topics in the areas of player, personal, and professional development, along with early college recruiting will be covered. Guest speakers and general Q and A sessions will be included.

Email Support

Email support for general questions and advice will be available. Some limitations will apply and will be counted towards consultation times. 

Discounted Services

As a Prep Program Member, you will receive a 15% discounted rate on additional consultation sessions, evaluations, camps, retreats, and future programs.


Still not sure…

We completely understand how confusing competitive junior girls’ golf can be with varying timelines, different resources, fluctuating goals, and difficult decisions. There is no long-term commitment, after the first 6 months there is no automatic renewal. If you aren’t happy after the first month, then reach out and we will refund your money (minus any consultation time used). However, no refunds after the first month.