Utilize Your Swing and High School Coach


Your swing and high school coach can be a great asset through the recruiting process to help you be more proactive, especially before the Sept 1 of Junior year deadline. Ask them for help in contacting a coach for you or writing a reference letter to add to your resume. Many times a high school coach may not have the time or the know how to help you out though so don’t expect them to do this, it really isn’t part of their job. But if you ask you may find out they will do what they can to help. Just keep in mind they may not understand the timelines of the process and where you fit in with schools being realistic options.

Same goes with swing coaches, they tend to be more knowledgeable about the process, especially if they have had former students go on to play college golf but may not have the time to help you. Ask them for help though so you can try to be more proactive. While you as a student athlete need to be doing the work, many times a college coach will take an email or phone call from a swing coach more seriously than they will your email or phone call. You are one of hundreds of players trying to capture a college coach’s attention, your swing coach can help you get your foot in the door. They can be a great resource and asset throughout the process, don’t try to attack it all on your own. If your swing or high school coach doesn’t have the time or resources to help, then that is where someone like myself can be of assistance to help fill those gaps in the process.

Robert Linville speaking with players about college recruiting.

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