Time Management: Prepare Now

Prepare now for college life. You will have to manage classes, workouts, practice, meetings, laundry, social activities, studying and traveling. And you won’t have parents there to help keep you on track. You will be responsible for yourself. You won’t have someone to wake you up in the mornings, remind you to do your homework, clean up after you or cook meals for you. Coaches say it is the one attribute that incoming freshman struggle with the most. Start now by setting a schedule at the start of the week. Write down all of your planned activities for the week, then schedule practice time, workouts and studying around your scheduled events. Prioritize activities and always get the important things done first. Stick to your schedule and you’ll be able to get everything accomplished each week. Here is a great quiz to help you address your time management skills, http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newHTE_88.htm.

What else beyond their golf game can they do to better prepare for college golf?

“Time management is the biggest problem for Freshman. If you can start making a weekly schedule now it will help you when you get to college.”- Division 1 Women’s Coach

“Improved time management skills to help manage the year around golf schedule in college.” – Division 1 Women’s Coach