What do I Need to Know About the NLI?


As we wrap up the NLI Early Signing Period, I wanted to share some insight on FAQs about signing an NLI.

What is the NLI?

The NLI (National Letter of Intent) is an agreement signed by the student-athlete, parent or guardian and the institution that states the student athlete’s commitment to attend the institution for one full academic year, in return the institution agrees to provide athletic financial aid for one full academic year.

How is it different from a verbal commitment?

The NLI is different from a verbal commitment in that it is legally binding and it’s an agreement between the student-athlete and the institution (not the coach). Also, the NLI can only be signed during designated signing periods (see below) whereas a verbal commitment can be made at any time.

When is the NLI signed?

For golf, there are two signing periods, an NLI can only be signed during these periods:

  1. Early Signing Period for 2017-2018 Academic Year: November 8-15, 2017
  2. Regular Signing Period for 2017-2018 Academic Year: April 11-August 1, 2018

Who gets to sign the NLI?

Only student-athletes who are receiving athletic financial aid sign the actual NLI. You can have a ceremony to announce your acceptance to play for a golf program but you do not sign actual paperwork unless you are receiving an athletic scholarship. DIII athletes, Ivy League athletes and DI or DII non-athletic scholarship athletes do not sign an NLI.

What if I don’t get accepted into the school?

If you are denied acceptance into the institution then your NLI becomes null and void.

What if the coach leaves the institution?

Because the NLI is signed with the institution, if the coach who recruited you leaves, you are still legally obligated to attend the institution for at least one full year or you would have to ask for transfer permission and more than likely face a transfer penalty.


For more FAQs about the NLI visit this page.

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