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From the girls….

“The process was very confusing during the dead period, and I became very flustered because it was new for everyone and things were kind of at a standstill. Most of my original plans and timeline were basically thrown out the window. When I started with Brandi, I thought I knew what the coaches had available and we were on the same page, but Brandi helped me realize that recruiting is sort of a game in itself. She helped me realize the nitty-gritty details of the process, clarified what the coaches’ decisions were, and what I had to do. I ended up reaching out to more schools I would have never thought of by myself and ended up finding the school I truly can call home. Honestly, I would have never found this school without her help, and the more I find out about the school the better fit it becomes every day”Sydney Hackett, Western Kentucky

“Working with Brandi was invaluable. She was really good about helping me understand what I needed to do to reach out to coaches before I could talk with them. I’m shy and she encouraged me to stretch my comfort zone. Once June 15th came around, she was so important. She helped guide me with staying on top of and organizing my calls with coaches. She helped me understand which programs were a good fit for me and why. She really cares about her girls. She doesn’t want to just find any spot for a player, she wants to find the right match between a player, coach and program. She knows that will lead to the best success for everyone. I can’t thank her enough for helping me when I felt overwhelmed and needed advice as I narrowed down my options. The recruiting process is complicated and stressful. Brandi has a lot of insight, experience and wisdom to offer a recruit. I’m extremely happy with my results and I could not have done it without Brandi.”Meghan Royal, UCLA

“It was truly a pleasure working with Brandi throughout my recruiting journey.  Brandi was a huge help during the process, and I am so thankful to have worked with her over the last year.   Beyond being an expert in the process and very well connected, she took the time to learn about what was important to me and helped me prioritize those things in a way I could use when comparing different schools.  She helped with some new ideas that expanded my list of schools to evaluate.  She helped me to know when to ask the hard questions and also taught me the best way I can answer the coaches difficult questions.  Brandi’s advice was especially important near the end of my recruiting journey as she helped me review the details of offers and to feel confident in my decisions.    Brandi was not only an incredible recruiting mentor, but also a mentor in more than the recruiting process.  Along with the college talk, our calls would frequently include other topics such as golf drills ideas, workout tips, and just catching up on both of our personal lives. It was great to have her support throughout the process and I would encourage anyone looking for recruiting support to work with Brandi.” Maria Atwood, James Madison University

“Brandi Jackson golf has had a great impact on not only my golf, but my personal development. I started the program a bit lost in the recruitment process and didn’t know how the next couple of years would look for me, but Brandi was a tremendous help. Brandi’s accountability at the start of meetings and weekly zoom calls helped me take ownership of the entire process. She was there to guide me through various email formats, phone calls, advice about golf, and just life in general. Brandi’s commitment to her player’s futures is evident and I appreciated the time she took to meet with me in person and watch me play in a tournament setting. It felt great knowing that I had someone there supporting me no matter what the circumstances. At the end of the process and making my commitment to the University of San Francisco I knew I had Brandi to thank. She supported and advocated for me through every step, even when trying to figure out the smallest phrase to include in an email. I have gained more confidence and ownership with regard to other aspects in my life and have Brandi and her program to thank.” – Eva Pett (University of San Francisco)

Working with Brandi was a huge help for me during the recruiting process. She helped me look at the list of colleges I had already created and gave me additional schools that I should consider based on what would be a good fit for me. She drove to my home course in Atlanta from Greenville, and she spent an entire afternoon with me while I played so that she could evaluate my game in person which was very valuable, especially because some coaches never got to see me play because of the COVID shutdown. She reached out to coaches that were tough to get a hold of to help me set up phone calls. Throughout the entire process, Brandi communicated with me directly and did not use my parents as middlemen. It was very empowering and beneficial for me to be in charge of my own recruiting journey and be able to contact coaches and receive feedback from Brandi independent from the involvement of my parents. Towards the end of the process, Brandi was instrumental in helping me learn how to ask tough questions and make the decision that was right for me. I am so excited to start college golf next year, and I am so grateful to Brandi for all of her guidance!” – Allie Kantor, UVA

“I cannot recommend Brandi’s expertise and experience enough. She is an invaluable help in every aspect of the recruitment process. Just the knowledge of having someone in your corner that can guide, answer questions, and provide the best insight is comforting in itself. She is always there if you need any questions to be answered. For myself, I did not know anything about the recruiting process, and at the time, no one around me had gone through the same thing. Not only has she gone through this process, but she has spent years building relationships with coaches and gaining insight into collegiate golf. Brandi opens up options that wouldn’t have been if not for her. Being able to get a foot in the door so early has been irreplaceable to my golf career and me as a person. The connections I have made, and skills I have learned using the insight Brandi has given me are things I will take with me for life.”Lilia Henkel, University of Delaware

“Navigating the college recruiting process can be quite a daunting task, but Brandi Jackson most certainly makes it easier! I started my process not sure where I wanted to end up or what I wanted to get out of my college experience. However, with Brandi’s widespread knowledge and connections in the women’s golf world, she was able to guide me to a school that I probably wouldn’t have noticed on my own but is a perfect match for me.  Brandi has unique connections with so many different golf programs and she can help players and families find a school that fits their own individual needs and priorities. She also makes a substantial effort to get to know all of her recruits which helps when she is recommending schools for you to look into. One of Brandi’s biggest priorities is to communicate with her players instead of just the parents. This proved to be extremely beneficial for me because it made me to take full ownership and responsibility for my own recruiting journey. Lastly, Brandi knows about so many schools out there that you may not consider if you do this on your own. With her help you are very likely to find a great fit school that you love as I have.”Megan Morris, Rhodes College

“Brandi’s help over the last six years was truly instrumental in my recruiting process. I started researching schools pretty early on and Brandi helped me get started with all of her helpful tips. As my game got better and stronger, I could finally start to see that playing D1 golf was actually within reach. When I was younger, I was still in my shell and always got nervous talking to new people. Through Brandi and her help, I learned how to talk to coaches and send many emails. In the beginning of my junior year I went on several college visits and Brandi helped me find the right words when it came to communicating with the coaches. I think the time that Brandi helped me the most was when I started getting offers. In the beginning of the recruiting process, everything seems to go by so slow, but once I got my first and second offer, I felt like I was on a racetrack and I just couldn’t slow down. Brandi helped ease my mind and make everything so much easier. Fortunately, last February, I committed to my top school, UNC-Greensboro! Without Brandi, the process would have been such a scary hill to climb, but luckily she was in my corner the whole time! ” – Grace Holcomb, UNC-Greensboro

From the parents….

We were doing all the right things but when Covid hit, it impacted all the work Sydney put in. Sending emails and video conferencing helped but coaches wanted to see in person as some colleges that were contacted didn’t have a chance to see her prior to Covid. As the closed period kept getting extended, the need for representation was even more evident. Having that third person being involved with knowledge and contacts help Sydney find a place that fit nicely. Brandi’s knowledge of the coach’s personality and how they run things guided our questions we asked them and helped with the decision.” – Eric Hackett (daughter Sydney Hackett, Western Kentucky)

“Thank you Brandi!   Our family was so thankful to have found Brandi to help our daughter navigate the challenging world of college golf recruiting.  She was able to work closely with Allie in the development of the recruiting video, guidance through the various contact with the coaches, and through the final selection process.  Brandi also was a valuable resource in how to approach the mental side of the game with her previous LPGA experience which was invaluable throughout the season.  Lastly, as busy parents who believed this process must be owned entirely by our daughter, we never had to get engaged in the process directly with Brandi.  Brandi and Allie managed the entire process independently and Brandi was always able to make time when needed.  In the end, Allie was able to commit to her dream school and we feel strongly that this was a testament to the teamwork between Allie and Brandi.” – Andy Kantor (daughter Allie Kantor, UVA)

“Brandi Jackson was not the first college consultant we hired but she was by far the best and instrumental in helping my daughter fulfill her dream of playing division 1 golf.  Brandi’s approach is very direct – she expects accountable young adults to take responsibility for their college recruiting process. As a parent, I appreciated this very much.  She is demanding, but at the same time supportive and always available to guide and advise both juniors and parents alike – any time of day or night – as the need arises.  Brandi is hands-on, coming to meet and play golf with my daughter and assessing her game and potential. What I appreciated most was Brandi’s candor and no-nonsense approach. She never sugar-coated things to us but also believed in my daughter’s ability to play at a high level. Unlike most in her business, Brandi also has deep and personal relationships in the coaching community and she’s not afraid to make calls on your behalf. It’s obvious that the coaches listen and respect her opinion – as well they should. Brandi has lived the dream she is trying to make possible for her junior golfers and her passion for doing so is evident in all she does.” – Mike Skoler (daughter Rebecca Skoler, UVA)

“Brandi was a huge help navigating the college recruitment process.  From the early calls to the final verbal commitment, Brandi was always there for a “quick call” 🤣 that helped navigate the journey and answer the many questions that always seemed to arise.  We are very grateful for her help and guidance!  Our daughter is loving her school and team!” – Joe Wilson (daughter Bree Wilson, Rhodes College)

“Brandi has a passion for both the game and the golfer. She has been an invaluable resource and part of our “family” since Gracyn was in middle school. After their first conversation, it was apparent that Brandi would be able to support Gracyn and provide her with instruction both on and off of the golf course. Brandi took the time to truly get to know Gracyn and help her sort through the complexities of the college recruiting process, the mental part of golf, technical aspects of the game and held her accountable for decisions. She provided guidance and support and has always been available – all we had to do was call. I believe that Brandi is a huge asset to junior golf, bringing knowledge and zeal, and would recommend her to everyone!” – Stephanie Burgess (daughter Gracyn Burgess, Clemson University)

“Three words describe Brandi, professional, knowledgeable and a straight talker. She evaluated my daughter by communicating with her directly over the phone and in person, made an instant connection with her, my daughter Malini was extremely happy with the way Brandi interacted with her. Brandi was realistic in which colleges would make the “ right fit” so from freshman year Malini knew her list of colleges she was aiming for, throughout the 3 years she was in constant contact. The one thing I loved about Brandi is her no-nonsense approach to the process she makes the recruit own her actions. Talking to parents who have used other recruitment consultants I know Brandi is the best in the business. I wish her the best and will recommend her highly always” – Rajiv Rudra (daughter Malini Rudra, Williams College)

When we first talked to Brandi, we were concerned, confused and totally perplexed by the whole recruiting process. The first thing Brandi told us was to trust and follow the process.  We did and at times we wondered where this was all going to end. Every frantic phone call or text, Brandi responded in a calm and reassuring way and reminded us to “trust and follow the process.” So we continued and we started to see the process working. With Brandi’s guidance, we saw our daughter grow in confidence and the corresponding transformation in her golf game was fun to watch. Thanks to Brandi and her recruiting process, our daughter received and accepted a D1 scholarship in November of her junior year. Without Brandi, we feel this would have never happened. We would highly recommend Brandi’s service to anyone who has a daughter who wants to play college golf or is just concerned with the maturation process of their daughter. Brandi’s knowledge of the recruiting process, her supportive and positive attitude, and her strong relationships with coaches is second to none. We are very grateful and thankful for Brandi!” – Rachael and Scott Turner (daughter Kendall Turner, JMU)

We met Brandi in the spring of our daughter’s junior year.  After a couple of very stressful moves in high school, Nina was unsure about playing golf in college, even though she loved the sport.  She and Brandi met and spoke several times that spring.  Nina’s confidence in herself grew after several honest conversations with Brandi – and she was finally able to decide what the right choice was for her, not what she thought she should do.Brandi is more than a consultant.  She’s a mentor, an advocate, and a friend.  She understands the process, and she knows a lot of the coaches. This helps alleviate a tremendous amount of stress for the kids and the parents.Our daughter ended up where she was supposed to be. If we could go back and change anything, it would only be that we had contacted Brandi much earlier. ”  – Kelly & TK Kouchi , Charlotte, NC (daughter Nina Kouchi, Grinnell College)

“We started late in the process but working with Brandi made a huge difference for us down the stretch.  She was invaluable from our first meeting: helping define expectations, keeping things grounded, explaining the process and suggesting options. I really liked that Brandi was always available to talk to Emma and I never felt that my daughter’s questions or concerns went unanswered.  Her knowledge of the recruiting process is outstanding. We are very grateful for Brandi’s assistance and we highly recommend her services.” – Glen Reid (daughter Emma Reid, Converse College)

“Working with Brandi the last couple of years both on recruiting and individually on game improvement has been invaluable for my daughter. She has been professional, informative, and has provided just the right amount of optimism and realism for my daughter. She has truly made this stressful process less intimidating and provided great guidance in terms of the process, interacting with coaches and selecting schools to focus on. I am convinced we were able to successfully navigate this process largely due to her help and would highly recommend any family wishing for their daughter to play college golf to definitely work with her!” – Renaldo Jarrell (daughter Alexis Jarrell, UNC Wilmington)

“We had our first meetings with Brandi way back in fall of 2015 and she has been an invaluable addition to the ‘team’ supporting our daughter Muskan in pursuing her dream of playing high-level collegiate golf. Having moved from India only a few years back, we were very new to the sports recruitment process in the US. Brandi has helped and guided us through every step of this journey with a knowledge borne out of her personal experience as a collegiate and professional golfer.

We really like how Brandi sits down with every athlete and family to understand what they are looking for specifically from a college experience and then prepare an honest list of schools that they should be looking for and lists their pros and cons. She is genuinely interested in helping the player find a place in this competitive field of collegiate golf. Muskan had her resume already ready but Brandi helped her improve it even further and created a great swing video for her too. Brandi also provided Muskan great insights into what to expect out of college visits and how to go about making them successful. We found all our sessions with Brandi extremely informative and have referred several families to Brandi, as our experience has been so fruitful.

Muskan also played a couple of practice rounds with Brandi for some big tournaments and learned a great deal from her as regards to course management. It was very easy for us to schedule meetings with Brandi and we could turn to her anytime for any question that came to our mind while Muskan was shortlisting her dream schools and then finally selecting the University of Richmond as her future home.

We are very thankful to Brandi for all that she has done for Muskan and what she does every day to promote junior golf.” – Puneet and Abhilasha Uppal (daughter Muskan Uppal, University of Richmond)

“With a vast network and strong knowledge for the college recruiting process, Brandi Jackson helped our daughter navigate her way through the complicated and sometimes brutal journey.

Brandi is very down to earth, realistic and many coaches mentioned that Brandi adds legitimacy to the resume. Brandi was not only a coach for college recruiting but also a coach for the special game of golf and life for our daughter.

With Brandi’s coaching and thorough Recruit Caddy web resource, our daughter has learned a great deal through this journey and was offered a spot at her 1st choice school.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brandi for anyone who aspires to play golf in college.” – Tommy Pipatjarasgit 

“The process of choosing the right college can prove to be a daunting task especially when an athletic sport is involved. One needs to seek the guidance and counsel of an individual who has a proven track record, resources, wherewithal, and expertise to help guide you along the right path. We were fortunate to find this person in Brandi Jackson and her company Brandi Jackson Golf. From the moment we engaged with Brandi, she impressed us with her knowledge of the recruiting process, desire to find the right fit for each of her players, and most importantly an open and honest assessment which we could place stock.

Brandi stayed engaged and committed to the process and never wavered from her commitment. She always made herself available to the player and provided valued insightful suggestions along the way.

Brandi is a high-quality person, and we consider our relationship much more than a business arrangement; she will forever be our close family friend. Working with Brandi and her company is light going from the dark into the light.” -Tommy and Angela Garnett (daughter Channing Garnett, UNC Wilmington)

“Could not have done this without her. From the initial and very candid consult, to interview prep to how to handle an offer, Brandi is a master of the entire college golf recruiting process. She is totally accessible to the player and the parent and does what she says she will do. Her knowledge of the process is superior but her knowledge of the coaches and programs is where she truly stands out. This helps her find a program that is the right fit for the player, not just one that sounds good with the big name. Recruiting has its own language and rules and Brandi is the person to help you navigate the challenge.” -Wally Adamchik (daughter Mogie Adamchik, App State)

“The recruiting process can be stressful and confusing. Brandi helped to make the process easier and more enjoyable for our daughter. As a former junior, collegiate, and professional golfer, Brandi brings experience and a wealth of knowledge. She is well respected in the industry and helps make connections with coaches easy. Our family is extremely grateful for Brandi’s personal interest in our daughter and we definitely recommend her services.” – Shawn and Kim Zambruno (daughter Olivia Zambruno, Penn State)

“Thankfully Brandi Jackson has a love for golf and girls who love to play golf.  Our daughter Kate knew early on that she wanted to play golf in college. At the time, my husband and I were both working full time and knew that we needed help to get Kate noticed.  We met Brandi and knew immediately that she was just what we needed. She met with us and then with Kate privately to get to know her so she could lead Kate in the right direction. Once she had a feel for what Kate was looking for she helped get Kate’s website up and then directed Kate as to which coaches she needed to contact.

She knows the coaches styles and personalities which was very important to Kate.  Kate had to do the work to contact the coaches, but had Brandi as a resource if needed.  Kate and Brandi were in communication once we started getting contacted from coaches for direction.  Brandi wanted what was best for Kate and guided her on the path to play golf at Anderson University. I highly recommend using Brandi through this very intense process.” – Tyla Hill (daughter Kate Hill, Anderson University)

“We are grateful for the introduction to Brandi Jackson Golf.   Although we started a bit late in the recruiting process, Brandi personalized her consulting program to our family’s needs.  Our daughter’s dream was to pursue an engineering degree while playing Division 1 golf. It was a challenging combination and Brandi was candid with us every step of the way.  In the end, Brandi helped our daughter realize her dream while finding the best college fit.

Brandi’s online tools for the recruiting process from written communication to interview questions were very helpful, but it was her networking skills in the industry that we found remarkable and invaluable to our daughter.  Brandi sparked interest and conversations with coaches that motivated our daughter to believe in the process. As she moved into the selection stage, Brandi was right there to help our daughter with insightful questions and feedback.

Thank you Brandi for sharing your personal and professional experience.   It was a pleasure to experience our daughter’s joy when she made her verbal commitment.” – Doug and Jodi Greulich (daughter Kylie Greulich, University of Delaware)

“We feel extremely blessed and grateful to have had the pleasure to work with and lean on Brandi during this journey. She truly is one of my daughter’s mentors, on and off the course! Brandi’s experience was invaluable to helping our daughter achieve her goals. Without her this process would of been extremely difficult. Brandi quite honestly helped shape our daughter’s future. We will forever be grateful…” – Renee McDanel (daughter Maddie McDanel, UT Chattanooga)

“We met Brandi about 2 years ago during a PKB event in South Carolina. Originally, we had no intention of using anyone for college golf planning. After our first meeting we realized we needed someone with expertise in preparing our daughter (and us) for collegiate golf. As parents there was so much we did not know and that real college golf preparation extends far beyond high school golf and begins very early in your teen’s golf life. Brandi’s no nonsense approach to player evaluation is outstanding. We also used Brandi for short game preparation, nutrition and course management. We found these sessions extremely helpful and have referred several families to Brandi. From resume development to assisting in making the appropriate contacts with coaches Brandi’s background playing collegiate and professional golf gives her unique insight to assist player and parents. It’s a great journey and we feel very fortunate to have Brandi guide us along the way.” – Tom and Pam Win (daughter Lizzie Win, Seton Hall)

“Our PKB experience was extraordinary!! We met Brandi Jackson at a recruitment seminar at a Furman University tournament. Brandi came highly recommended. She was well known not only for her contacts and knowledge of the recruiting process but for her skill level of the game. Brandi knows a lot about what it takes to be successful. After just 2 sessions with Brandi my daughter said, “Mom, I which I had known Brandi years ago. She is so helpful, patient, and resourceful. She really knows the skills I need to improve on.” Brandi has not only made a difference in our daughter’s game but in her confidence level as a person and a player. PKB has been a true partnership with our family: Answering our questions, matching our daughter’s skill level to the correct University, and coaching us through the recruitment process. Brandi and the PKB organization were invaluable to us and we are very thankful.” – Mark and Patty Nay (daughter Meghan Nay, University of Louisville)

“Brandi Jackson’s program is top notch! Brandi has knowledge, experience, and connections to find the right fit for your junior golfer! We used Brandi during the recruiting process. We were guided down the right path. Our junior golfer was pushed by Brandi to reach out via emails and phone calls to potential coaches. We were provided a plan to succeed. At the end of the recruiting process, we now have peace of mind that Zach chose the right school! Don’t hesitate; reach out to Brandi Jackson today!” – Bonnie Bishop 

“Brandi Jackson was the BEST!! She took the stressful, time-consuming recruiting process and made it into an efficient, pleasant and successful journey! Her personal demeanor as well as her vast golf and recruiting knowledge lead our daughter to a Division I Collegiate golf program. Brandi Jackson played a big part in making a dream a reality for our daughter!” – Taylor Hough 

“As parents of a PKB player, Rhea Bhatia, we are proud that she Committed to Queens University Charlotte. Rhea could have not achieved this milestone without Brandi Jackson and PKBGT. ‘Thanks Brandi'”. – Sonny Bhatia

“I want to thank you for helping Ty navigate the college golf recruiting process to find the perfect fit for his college career. Because of your help, Ty had several schools to choose from and once he committed to Berry College, it took the pressure off of him and his game has really taken off. He can now just focus on practicing, working out and getting mentally prepared for his freshman year. I believe your method of setting up a personal website, complete with Ty’s swing video, scoring history and bio was the main reason coaches responded so quickly. After several recruiting visits, Ty chose Berry because of the coach and its great academic record. Your communication with Coach Brian Farrer was perfectly timed. Ty had a visit scheduled and was playing in a tournament the weekend before at Callaway Gardens. Coach Farrer came to the tournament without our knowledge and walked 18 holes with me as I followed Ty’s group. Ty had no idea who he was, but the coach really liked his game and golf course demeanor. Ty then had his personal visit the following Wednesday and they hit it off right away and the rest is history. Ty had narrowed his choices down to three schools and one of the coaches handled Ty’s declining call great when he told him he chose Berry, but the other one tried to make Ty feel bad about his choice. It makes you realize how cutthroat this business is sometimes, but also the importance of the player getting in the right situation. My recommendation is each player needs to really do their homework on the schools they are looking at and interview the coaching staff as much as they are interviewing the player. Thanks again for all your help. We appreciate everything you have done for Ty and we wish you well. I would be more than happy to be a reference for any family that would like to call me.” -Terry Hampel

“Truth is for the most part Dad and Mom are guessing, following the Crowd, and So in So is playing in it. I was upfront with Coach Brandi Jackson and she was with me. We sat down and she answered All my questions and more as I went along her Path. She outlined a program for us and our budget. She addressed everything from current till Signing. The stress level will go down, not the Bank Account. Kensi, our daughter just signed with her Dream school, The University of Cincinnati, BearCats. This exceeded all expectations!” – Ken Wieland 

“As the parent of an aspiring JR golfer I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brandi Jackson to help get my son recruited. I found her to be very knowledgeable about the entire process. Brandi assisted my son with building a great player profile and golf resume, putting together the necessary academic information and providing a true evaluation of his skill so he could be matched with as many colleges as possible. Brandi’s advice and direction throughout the process was invaluable. The fact that she has also lived this is proof positive that Brandi knows what it takes to succeed.” – Brian Hogan 

“We also wanted to thank you for your time and dedication to Elizabeth over the past two years. You have been an inspiration, sounding board, recruiting translator and have become a friend of the family. When Elizabeth met you that hot summer day in Myrtle Beach, we were immediately drawn to your demeanor and professionalism shown with the other recruit you were working with. We feel very lucky that we ran into you and most importantly Elizabeth has absolutely benefited from your complete teaching of golf skills from the mind game to putting. Without your coaching and recruiting guidance, we’re not sure Elizabeth would be playing Division I Women’s Golf at an outstanding academic college.

We also very much appreciated your guidance involving the college recruiting process. Your academics and athletics knowledge of so many colleges and universities and coaches really helped us narrow down our choices rather than waffling through the fact finding navigation phase of the college recruiting process. In particular, you showed us extraordinary skill in helping Elizabeth identify suitable selective schools at which she could best advance her academic and athletic career. At many of these colleges and universities, Elizabeth cultivated direct contacts with coaches due to your upfront guidance. Notably, we feel that you can tailor the services you provide to any given student athlete. That is, you are familiar with athletic and academic programs at selective colleges at all levels and are able to evaluate any given student’s academic and athletic profile and identify a group of schools appropriate for that student to consider. Ultimately you were able to suggest some excellent schools to us that had not previously been on our radar screen. Thank you for your generous time. Our experience was that advice was needed literally on a day to day basis, at least at various critical times in the recruiting process, and that you were invariably “there” to field a phone call or to respond to an e-mail or to otherwise assist. In this way, you were able to demystify for us an otherwise often bewildering and occasionally somewhat discouraging process. Much of the “custom and practice” in the recruiting area cannot be efficiently learned without the assistance of a capable and hard-working coach/consultant.

You provided all the help that any family could expect to need in a warm and friendly way, pursuant to a very competitive price structure. Finally, you have a tremendous quality of enough “mom,” “coach” and “consultant” that will inspire the confidence of parents seeking the kinds of teachers and coaches with whom they can comfortably entrust their children. We enthusiastically recommend you and without reservation to parents whose goal is to help a child gain admission to a highly-ranked college where the child can continue to play the sport he or she loves.” – David Rand

“We were very fortunate to be referred to Brandi to help us through the recruiting process. Brandi made a point to come and meet with us and get us oriented to what we should be looking for in opportunities for our daughter. The website development, communications with coaches, and with our daughter were very professional and timely. Brandi has a strong network of coaches and her background as player/teacher really gives her the credibility with college coaches. I recommend any parent trying to help their daughter through this process, make a point to call Brandi.” – Brian Panosian

“You are amazing! Conscientious, kind, helpful…you exceeded all our expectations! You’re absolutely fabulous . . . whoever has the good fortune to work with you is very lucky indeed. You are very special!” – Dr Mark Johnson