Ways I can make the recruiting
process work for you

Consulting, mentoring, developing, and evaluating competitive female golf student-athletes is what it’s all about here at Brandi Jackson Golf.  Through individual programs, evaluations, player development sessions, camps, and online resources there are services that can fit any player and any budget.

Full-time Consulting Programs consist of two options for the different phases of the process, Prep and Recruit, to best meet the timeline for all girls seeking assistance through this process.

I also offer in-person evals and player development sessions, plus virtual consultations and online resources.

Recruit Program

As a Recruit Program member, you will receive personalized support, mentorship, and guidance as you navigate the college recruiting process and competitive junior golf. 

The Recruit Program is specifically for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who will communicate actively with college coaches and make a college golf decision, therefore needing more comprehensive and extensive assistance.

Prep Program

As a Prep Program member, you will have access to support as you navigate the early stages of competitive junior golf and prepare for the college recruiting process. 

The Prep Program is available to any female golfer prior to the spring of their 10th-grade year.


While I do my best to reply to all email questions from players and parents, many times that isn’t enough to properly answer a question that requires more discussion.

I also understand that some players and parents may only need a phone conversation or an initial video consultation in order to navigate the recruiting process on their own and not as part of a more in-depth and ongoing Consulting Program.


On-course evaluations and player development assessments are a great starting point for any phase of the process.

These in-person sessions will cover a wide array of areas based on what option you choose and what best fits your current game, resume, and expectations.

Development Sessions

These sessions are designed to meet the needs of a current female golfer in whatever phase of her game she finds herself in. We cover player development, course management, short game drills, practice habits, goal setting, golf maturity, nutrition, fitness, and much more. But no swing instruction, I leave that to the pros!

What’s right for my child? I’m not sure where to start.


What’s right for my child? I’m not sure where to start?