Practice Drills


Below are 6 sets of practice drills for each of the 3 different skill levels.  The corresponding tournament averages are listed to help you match up your current skill level. Keep in mind these are just approximations. The drills have higher goal scores and are more performance-based as you move to level 3. Level 1 is geared towards higher reps and fundamental work for players still needing technique and stronger mechanics.

You can track your scores and dates of completion to help you build your own book of progress. If you would like to take our short game assessment it will give you a better starting point for where your current skill level matches up to our drills. It will also give you a numerical value for all areas of your short game. You can identify some of your weaker areas, put more focus on those skills, then retake that portion of the assessment to see if you have improved. Here is a great way to keep track of your assessment results and retakes.


Level 1



Level 2



Level 3


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