Why I Started BJGolf

Well, the truth is I had no plans to ever do anything besides play professional golf, from the ripe age of about 9 years old all I wanted to do was play golf for a living, that was it. Thankfully I was a good student but never came up with a career path other than … Read more

To That Girl On The Freshman Dorm Bed

It was 24 years ago that I started my freshman year at Furman University. Clearly, times have changed since this pic was taken, but I still felt compelled to share this as I watch so many girls start their college golf careers. There is so much about my 4 years in college that I would … Read more

When a Coach is Watching

Many of you have experienced a college coach observing your round, if you haven’t yet, hopefully, you will in the near future. For many players, it is the first time they really get those nervous jitters on the golf course. It can be tough to concentrate and focus on your game. You feel the need … Read more

Being Honest With The College Coaches

As you get into the college recruiting process the hope is that you will have the opportunity to build a relationship with several coaches and eventually receive multiple offers. As this part of the process arises, there will come some concerns about what should you share with each coach and what is not in your … Read more

3 Reasons to Contact 30+ College Coaches

Let’s dive in and discuss 3 main reasons why you should contact at least 30 or more college coaches. I have this discussion quite often with recruits seeking advice because they aren’t seeing results from their contact efforts. Typically when a recruit shows me a list of schools, the majority, if not all of them … Read more