College Golf is an Experience Unlike Any Other

                            For those starting their college golf careers (and for those players in the recruiting process) I thought I would share some pics of my college golf days and pass along a few reminders as you begin the best 4 years of [...]

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My Mom Wants to Share Her Side of the Story

  Brandi Jackson, I think it’s time for your Mom to speak up.  So, if you will, indulge me for a few minutes.     First, let me say how very proud I am of the professional that Brandi has become.  She pours her heart and soul into her business and everything that she does. [...]

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Post College Golf Reflection by Sarah Bertram

In my last blog, I shared some insight from Howard Bertram, who's daughter Sarah just graduated from playing 4 years of college golf at Gardner-Webb University. I asked Sarah to share her own thoughts about her college golf experience and how she feels looking back now.     What did you learn the most from [...]

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Are Scholarships Negotiable?

  I was asked this question last week about whether or not scholarships are negotiable so I thought it was a good topic to address to those who may be curious about this question. I have faced it numerous times working with families as they make their final decision and it can certainly be a [...]

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How to Say You Aren't Interested

I've had this question asked several times by players over the years and again this past week it was brought up by one of my girls, "how do I tell a coach that I am not interested?".  This may be a question you face at different stages of communication with a coach so I wanted [...]

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When a College Coach is Watching

Many of you have experienced a college coach observing your round, if you haven't yet, hopefully, you will in the near future. For many players, it is the first time they really get those nervous jitters on the golf course. It can be tough to concentrate and focus on your game. You feel the need [...]

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